The disciplines of communication are concerned with the processes and effects of human communication in a variety of contexts ranging from interpersonal communication through the mass media. Majors are offered in the areas of film and video, journalism, speech and theatre.

The major in film and video is designed to introduce students to the complexities of media art. This is reflected in the program structure, which includes critical studies (history, theory, industry, and criticism), production (film, video, digital), and writing. Students will cover all of these areas but may specialize in one or two in their work. Internships are available in the Atlanta metro area and beyond.

Journalism is the study of the collection, evaluation, and dissemination of current information and opinion. The journalism major seeks to prepare students for newspaper and magazine careers (print journalism), radio and television careers (telecommunication) or public relations careers. In addition, the courses in journalism are designed to be useful electives for students planning to enter other vocations who wish to become media-literate individuals.