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The Window Project

We invite the participation of local, national and international emerging and established moving image artists to submit current work reconfigured for six projectors around a curved surface or new work specifically created to take advantage of the multi-projector format. This space and format allows artists to break from the constraints of a single screen on a flat surface with a prescribed viewing point. We do not seek a specific theme for the content, but expect that it should be high visual, technical and conceptual quality and well suited for this unique public space, which is large, but subtle due to the curved glass and location on a downtown building window. – Please contact Elizabeth Strickler ( to submit your proposal.





indieATL is initiative of the Digital Arts Entertainment Lab at the Georgia State University.

Our mission is to promote independent artists and the music community, especially in Atlanta. We strive to make downtown an artistic and cultural destination. indieATL is a training ground for media-makers, learning production through real world experience. Students learn a variety of skills outside of the traditional classroom, including multiple camera shooting and editing, multi-track audio recording and mixing, encoding for the web.  indieATL is featured on Comcast | Xfinity on Demand (check your local listings). Please contact



The Cross Stitch Project

Using new media technology, The Cross Stitch Project connects teenage girls from Calcutta, India and Atlanta, Georgia to share creative ideas, collaborate on clothing design and learn global enterprise and cross-cultural media and communication skills.  The students will design and produce accessories and clothing and, with the proceeds, support education and vocational training for girls in Calcutta’s slum communities. For more information, please contact Elizabeth Strickler –




Cross Media Exchange (C-ME)

Co-Founded by Elizabeth Strickler and Phoebe Brown, the group is dedicated to innovative educational exchange programs that use new technology and new media for social change. The Internet is not merely a tool of media delivery:  the web has shifted our cultural interactions, created new languages and new ways of perceiving information.  As witnessed in the recent revolutions in the Arab world, the most listened to voices are increasingly accessed via the Internet and mobile devices. When you have a voice you can effect change in your community and  build self-esteem, creativity and curiosity. We are working to help share these resources in areas where lack of access is only further deepening social dislocation and poverty. For more information, please contact Elizabeth Strickler –