MAKE Media Lab

Where maker and hacker entrepreneurs innovate technology and media content using an agile and iterative theory to practice process.

The MAKE Media Lab is a maker and hacker learning and research space devoted to merging application and technology entrepreneurship with deep expertise in media content production, distribution, and interactive design. At the Lab, individuals and teams drive media innovations with theory-grounded problem solving. Entrepreneurs are equipped and trained on emerging technologies including database applications, 3D printers and CAD design, DIY electronics, augmented reality and wearables to test theories iteratively with design thinking and deconstructive approaches. Academic faculty guide Lab research, with outputs ranging from new media arts technologies, media industry problem solving and research, new digital genres, interactive and computational media and technology white papers

Formal classes including Media Entrepreneurship, Cross Media Design and Media Arts and Technology create the curriculum. Each semester, up to 10 students can apply  to work on Lab directed projects and their own reviewed and approved innovations.

Sponsor companies and individuals can fund a specific media acquisition, distribution or interaction problem to be solved or provide a theme for a cohort to research and determine key issues to solve.

Sample themes and topics:

  • Green Film/TV Production
  • Effecient Production Applications
  • New Image Acquisition Models
  • Interactive Screens
  • Immersive Experiences
  • Interactive Storyworlds
  • Interactive data
  • AR Environments

Lab Design

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