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IndieATL is a Georgia State University initiative that promotes independent art and music, with an emphasis on hometown bands and artists. Since 2007, the IndieATL crew has made it their mission to showcase Atlanta as an artistic and cultural destination. The project is headed by Matt Rowles of the Digital Arts Entertainment Lab (DAEL) at Georgia State University. Of IndieATL Rowles told Atlanta Music Guide in 2012, “[IndieATL is] mostly focused on Atlanta and promoting Atlanta bands and Atlanta’s music scene.” In addition to the many great local acts, numerous nationally and internationally touring bands have stopped by IndieATL studio to be filmed.

While the music is the main element on display, IndieATL showcases much more than just bands. The professional-quality video that highlight the musicians are all shot and edited and produced by Georgia State students, alums and staff. Because of this, IndieATL has a dual reputation as an outlet for bands to be seen and heard around the world, as well as a training ground for GSU students in film and technological fields. Many of the videos on the IndieATL youtube page were shot in the DAEL studio, a state of the art facility on the GSU campus in the heart of downtown Atlanta.