Partnerships If you would like to partner with DAEL on a media content, application, mapping or technology project that would benefit both parties mutually, please contact Elizabeth Strickler ( or Kay Beck (

Internships and Mentors If you are looking for an intern (and you meet these qualifications) or if you would like to be a mentor in our Media Entrepreneurship Program, please contact Elizabeth Strickler (

Georgia Entertainment Business Development (GEBD) is a non-profit media arts incubation initiative of DAEL at Georgia State University. The mission of GEBD is to assist start-up businesses involved in the creation and distribution of entertainment content and technology. If you have a business plan and would like to consider incubating your company, please contact Kay Beck ( or Elizabeth Strickler (

Corporate Sponsors If you are interested in becoming a corporate sponsor for one of our projects, The Window Project, IndieATL or The Cube – please contact Elizabeth Strickler (, Matt Rowles (, or Kay Beck ( respectively.