About Us

The Digital Arts and Entertainment Laboratory (DAEL) is a multi-million dollar research and production facility located on Georgia State University’s campus, which fosters the creation, testing and marketing of digital media content; secures, executes and manages grants to fund innovative media projects; serves as a media industry liaison and thought-leader; and develops partnerships between the industry and academics that connects students with ideal media projects, mentorships and internships in the field.

Since 1996 DAEL has secured over $1 million in grants and contracts; developed, curated and organized DAEL Presents, a lecture series wherein industry professionals speak to students about the intricacies of their field; The Window Project, a new-media installation space made in partnership with national and international artists to engage with the public, and an augmented ;and established the MAKE Media Lab, which explores augmented and virtual reality, 3D printing devices, and other DIY technologies. Currently DAEL is working in partnership with the National Center for Civil and Human Rights and BarkBark to create an enhanced user experience centered on mobile device applications, virtual and augmented reality.