GSU Student Media Festival – 2013


the phoenix and the crow

Welcome to the GSU Student Media Festival

New Media Official Selections

Tyeisha Mathis – Wicked Games

New Media Class Works

Jenalyn Wright – Game: How to Dump A Girl
Mollie Beavers – Panorama: Darko Dorms
Mollie Beavers & Carlos Parsons – Video Archive: Pyros
Joshua Byrd, Elizabeth Ludlow and Yvonne Myles – Video Archive:
Kayla Friedman – Panorama: Family and Friends
Kayla Friedman, Steven Ross and Jamiel Jones – Video Archive: Danger Lurks
Miles Keenlyside – Panorama: Madrid, New Mexico
Miles Keenlyside and Michael Sanders – Video Archive: Delivery Man
Yvonne Myles – Avatar: OMG
Michael Sanders – Avatar: Freud      Panorama: Bear Hunting
Dong Yu – Video Archive
Jared Chapman – Video Archive:
Kerel Geary – Video Archive
Valerie Hooper – Video Archive     Interactive Novella
Jahmaul Holmes – Interactive Documentary
Matthew Mammola – Interactive Documentary
Carlos Mancilla – Video Archive
Jessica Silva – Avatar
Valerie Hooper – Avatar