Alumni Spotlight: Ethan Stokes


GSU Alumni Ethan Stokes might not be the Director of, “Top Gun,” but as the
Multimedia Senior Production Analyst for Lockheed Martin Aeronautics he checks
out more planes a day than an air-traffic controller.

“Everday is alittle different,” says Stokes. “Sometimes we have to rush down to the
flight line to shoot a takeoff for a customer’s last minute request. The job can be very
stressful at times, but it can be very rewarding, as well. ”

Last Winter, Ethan earned a Special Recognition Award from Lockheed Martin for
his short video, “4195,” that commemorates the production of the final F-22 Raptor.

“An executive cried when I screened the video before the ceremony last December,”
Stokes recalls. “My career has been pretty productive in the past five years and my
work has improved. I am taking the lead on challenging projects whenever possible
and I would to like to see myself directing bigger projects in the future.”

Now Ethan lives in Sandy Springs with his wife Ann and three year old son
Braeden. Next month he is off to Norway to shoot an air-to-air video with the Royal
Norwegian Air Force.

“There are all sorts of training that I have to take in order to fly in planes,” says
Stokes. “Sometimes, I feel like I’m in the movie, “The Right Stuff” even when I am
stuck in the editing suite.”

Ethan graduated from GSU in August 2006 with an M.A. in Digital Imaging and
fondly remembers how the faculty helped to shape his career.

“Several professors played key roles throughout various stages of my career at
Georgia State,” remembers Stokes. “Dr. Beck got me my first broadcast job in the
business. Learning film/video production and postproduction from Professors
Bolia, Schiffer, and Vollmer all helped me develop my own style.“

Ethan feels the biggest strength of the GSU Film program is the faculty and state-of-
the-art hardware that gives students the tools for jobs upon graduation.

“I don’t know if GSU is developing an industry reputation, but I know plenty of
talented alumni who have good careers in Atlanta and across the country. “