DAEL Presents: The Window Project

This year the Digital Arts Entertainment Laboratory (DAEL) welcomed The Window Project, a curated new media installation space. Established in April 2011, The Window Project consists of six high-definition projectors synchronized to create a rear-projection screen standing over 6′ high and 80′ wide, which display on the DAEL windows¬† facing the southern end of Woodruff Park. DAEL Alumni Micah Stansell,¬† an Atlanta-based video/filmmaker and installation artist and winner of the 2010 Working Artist Project Award from the Museum of Contemporary Art in Georgia, was the first of numerous quarterly-curated artists to present in the new space.

Currently playing in the space is Georgia State University filmmaker and artist Laura Zaylea’s Song for Bees, a multi-screen digital film poem that combines hand-processed super 8mm film and hand-dyed 16mm found footage with nonlinear editing and HD technology. The streaks of film chemistry and holes of light created by bleach become essential elements of this four-part celebration of the seasons. The installation includes Song for the Bees (Spring), Arrows to Light (Autumn), Letter to Winter and Dog Days (of Summer).

Coming in December is Scott Townsend, an Associate Professor in the Department of Graphic Design, North Carolina State University. His work in the last eight years has taken the form of specific projects, concentrating on issues of globalization and results in the piece entitled Imaginary Country. In January, we will screen the work of Terri Frame, Pre human, Posthuman, Inhuman, a six-act performance and video series that employs raw clay masks as a means for altering the human body. It is not

The Window Project is currently seeking artist submissions for the 2012 months of February and following. For information regarding the submission process for The Window Project, please contact Elizabeth Strickler – eli@gsu.edu