Media in Residency at GSU

Faculty and students at GSU have taken over an online media project, In Media Res (IMR).

In Media Res is an online experimental collaboration between scholars and media enthusiasts.  Each weekday, a “curator” will choose a media work according to the weeks theme and post a 30 second or 3 minute media clip and short written piece about the work on which others in the IMR community will comment.  Context is provided through commentary from past curators and IMR readers, thus enabling lively debate and virtual interactions around contemporary media artifacts.  Non-academics are encouraged to participate, thereby inviting wider audience input.  A new post is added each weekday, and different themes are chosen each week.

The project is coordinated by professor Alisa Perren along with associate editors Noel Kirpatrick, Ian Peters, Karen Petruska, and Darcey West.  Theme coordinators are faculty Elizabeth Strickler, and students Drew Ayers, Kris Cannon, Collin Coleman, Jeremy Groskopf and Shane Teopfer, all of whom are GSU Ph.D. candidates.

In Media Res was founded by Avi Santo, Assistant Professor of Communication and Theatre Arts at Old Dominion University in Virginia.